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A New Era Of Understanding | Are We Making A Transition To A New Era or Is The World Ending? Current events, cosmic phenomena, global economy, ecology, climate changes, etc., how is it all connected?

Soulfulwriters Cosmic Lights: A New Era Of Understanding | Are We Making A Transition To A New Era or Is The World Ending? Current events, cosmic phenomena, global economy, ecology, climate changes, etc., how is it all connected?.

I formally invite you to participate in discussions, debates, conversations, and just plain fun exploring the mysteries of life, the universe, creation, global mess, and the human condition. You can do all this and more – such as watching interesting videos – at my hosted site. Not a “new age” site, just exploring life and issues from various angles to heighten our awareness, develop a higher consciousness, and a stronger bond to our wonderful planet.

For instance, read about a fabulous scientific discovery that states that our DNA can be influenced and programmed by words and frequencies. Additionally, discover how our DNA is affected by Earth’s Schumman Resonance and our health by our disconnection from Earth. Or, how our DNA is responsible for our yearnings!

Or, perhaps, you’d like to join a debate based on a post I wrote about the “duality” of God. It was one of my meditative, think “outside the box” moments and it might just knock your socks off! I dare you to explore the possibilities I present on the post. Join the discussion at the Challenge Topics section.

Join now, accept the challenges, and participate! 🙂

How Are We All Connected

The worldview and perspective that most of us grew up with is one of individualism and separatism. In general, we are encouraged to compete against one another for resources, popularity, attention, affection, power, among other reasons.  This is reflected in the world of sports, business, politics, Miss Universe, and other competitions. It is also manifested in hierarchical systems, etc.   Our planet is divided into countries,  species, and other artificial markings. Everything around us promotes individuality and separation. Therefore, for most of us it is difficult to realize and understand how are we all connected. It is not an easy transition to go from an “I” mentality to an “Us” perspective.

During a conversation with one of my friends where we were discussing this topic, the following analogy came to me as I was trying to explain to her how we are all connected.  I propose my hypothesis here to encourage you to discern it and come to your own conclusions. This is how I explained it to my friend upon my understanding:

Imagine that The Whole (or, the planet, if that makes it easier for you) is like the Sun. We and every other creature in existence are like the Sun’s rays. Each one of us is an individual ray emanated from the same source and united by our origin, Sun’s stuff.    Thus, although we might act independently and even feel separate from the rest, as the Sun’s rays, we are all united in composition and source. Therefore, we are all connected.

The Sun As An Illustration To My Hypothesis

That’s my very simple illustration. I do not feel the need to dissect it because, in the end, I think the result would be the same. The Sun’s rays would still represent us. In fact, I dare say that based on this analogy, I believe that the ancient cultures around the world were not so much worshiping the Sun as a god but honoring the concept of unity that it represents.  I do not pretend to know more than the scholars who have studied ancient practices, I am just sharing with you my “gut feelings” and own conclusion based on my simple example. Sometimes, some answers to life’s mysteries are staring at us in the face and we are too busy looking for more complicated answers to notice them. I am a firm believer that all the answers we seek are evident in nature, if we pay attention.  Therefore, the current state of the world, the division of resources and wealth, and separatist viewpoint are an abnormal state of existence, an anomaly.

Keep an open mind, ponder, and use your own discernment.

Until the next time . . .


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