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We Are A Nation In Mourning

Once again, we are a nation in mourning. On Friday, we received the news that a 24-year old-young man had walked into a Connecticut school – after killing his mother at home – and massacred at least 20 innocent children and some of their teachers.

I read the reports…. some of them. This is too horrible to keep reading about it. I could not bring myself to read anymore. I saw the video of the President seemingly wiping away some tears. Why do so many go into killing sprees in this country? I wondered, as he mentioned the previous killings that have happened in the past few years, even this year (a movie theater in Colorado, a shopping mall, etc.) As far as I know, it does not happen as much and as often in most other countries. Why here? What is about our society that makes our children and citizens in general vulnerable to this type of actions?

I think that part of the answer is that we are an extremely self-centered and materialistic society. Compared to others, there is a huge lack of spiritual values, perceptions, and approach to life. We claim to be a nation that trusts God (‘in God we trust”) yet we don’t want to have anything to do with God in our schools and any other places (but churches).

Most people are spiritually “disconnected” from God, themselves, and others, regardless of how often they go to church. This is one of the reasons that a spiritual awakening is badly needed not just globally but particularly in America. Only a total disconnection from God, self, life, and others can lead a person to commit such atrocity.

The President said that we must do something….. There is no “practical” solution to this madness. I believe that one of the most effective ways to begin to eliminate this and other social maladies is to shift our focus from the material and egocentric ways to a more spiritual approach to life, relationships, and Self. By spiritual, I don’t mean “religious”.

We need more depth in our thinking and the way we conduct our life and interact with one another in all situations. Otherwise, this type of tragedy will keep happening to innocent civilians. Who knows? Maybe the next victim could be you or someone you love. The time for changes is now not after the fact.


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