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What Is The Purpose of Life?

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? The purpose of life is to learn to truly love ourselves and each other. If we could love one another, there would be no need for the tragedies of wars and the atrocities of prejudice would not exist.

What most of us yearn for throughout our life, what we seek is to complete our life and existence through love. Love, in all its forms, is indeed our ultimate goal. That is why a life without love is a lonely existence that no amount of money, success, and other diversions can fill.

Love comes to us in many forms every day even when we are not able to recognize it as we are absorbed in our daily tasks and routines. It manifests itself in our daily life with a smile from a child, kindness from a stranger, caring friends, a wagging tail, a purr, and the excitement of our loved ones when they see us – among other ways. Try to observe love manifesting itself for you today, count the ways, pay attention, and let your heart rejoice.

Therefore, we must strive to love each other as we love ourselves or better. For ultimately, the big question we might have to answer when we pass on to the next life is how much and how well did you love, not just one person but everything and everyone that crossed your path.


I write: when life is not a poem

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