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Be A Shepherd

This year is a special year not just because of the Mayan calendar but because there are many things going on in the world, many changes in several countries. Thus, most of us are curious about where all this might be leading. The mainstream media has dedicated to offer us mostly trivial news and shows. Therefore, many of us have turned to books, independent media, and the Internet for valuable information.

While browsing the Internet, YouTube, and some forums, I have realized that many people are searching for answers to fundamental questions about life, our existence, the future. There are many conspiracy theories, authors and speakers writing or producing videos about the changes that are happening, visitors from space, spiritual awareness, the economy, theology, science, and other topics. Some of them check out, others not so much. However, I have seen in many forums, including comments on YouTube and others, people who “fall in love” with the speaker and take everything that person says at face value.

I don’t want you to hang on my every word or anyone else’s. My articles or essays are my way to challenge you to use your own discernment and find the truth within you and on your own.

When we take everything or most of what someone else’s tells us at face value, we take the risk of giving away our power and rights to those who seek to manipulate and control us for their own benefits and hidden agenda. Thus, we should question everything. We should always seek corroboration of the facts presented through independent evidence and close scrutiny of independent sources of information. If necessary, we should do our own research. Find out different opinions or analysis by people who are experienced in the subject at hand and have no vested interest in the venue and material. We should read, read, read. Explore, expand our mind and learn to look at things from different angles. Have fun playing the “devil’s advocate” in forums and yourself. Through this practice, it will become easier for you to discern the wheat from the shaft. You will not be easily manipulated and controlled by others.

In today’s world, where there are many people trying to pull you in different directions and profit from your vulnerabilities and need to believe in something, it is paramount for you to exercise your power of discernment and listen to your instincts. In the end, there are only two beings that you can trust absolutely: God (or your concept of a supreme intelligence and creator) and yourself.

Consequently, question everything, do your own research to corroborate or dispute the facts presented, and listen to your intuition. The truth is within you. The answers have been within you all along. Don’t let anyone tell you what to think and what to believe. Own yourself.

Until next time . . .


How Are We All Connected

The worldview and perspective that most of us grew up with is one of individualism and separatism. In general, we are encouraged to compete against one another for resources, popularity, attention, affection, power, among other reasons.  This is reflected in the world of sports, business, politics, Miss Universe, and other competitions. It is also manifested in hierarchical systems, etc.   Our planet is divided into countries,  species, and other artificial markings. Everything around us promotes individuality and separation. Therefore, for most of us it is difficult to realize and understand how are we all connected. It is not an easy transition to go from an “I” mentality to an “Us” perspective.

During a conversation with one of my friends where we were discussing this topic, the following analogy came to me as I was trying to explain to her how we are all connected.  I propose my hypothesis here to encourage you to discern it and come to your own conclusions. This is how I explained it to my friend upon my understanding:

Imagine that The Whole (or, the planet, if that makes it easier for you) is like the Sun. We and every other creature in existence are like the Sun’s rays. Each one of us is an individual ray emanated from the same source and united by our origin, Sun’s stuff.    Thus, although we might act independently and even feel separate from the rest, as the Sun’s rays, we are all united in composition and source. Therefore, we are all connected.

The Sun As An Illustration To My Hypothesis

That’s my very simple illustration. I do not feel the need to dissect it because, in the end, I think the result would be the same. The Sun’s rays would still represent us. In fact, I dare say that based on this analogy, I believe that the ancient cultures around the world were not so much worshiping the Sun as a god but honoring the concept of unity that it represents.  I do not pretend to know more than the scholars who have studied ancient practices, I am just sharing with you my “gut feelings” and own conclusion based on my simple example. Sometimes, some answers to life’s mysteries are staring at us in the face and we are too busy looking for more complicated answers to notice them. I am a firm believer that all the answers we seek are evident in nature, if we pay attention.  Therefore, the current state of the world, the division of resources and wealth, and separatist viewpoint are an abnormal state of existence, an anomaly.

Keep an open mind, ponder, and use your own discernment.

Until the next time . . .

Are You Truly Free?

The arrogance and greed of those in powerful positions, not just political ones, is what has ruined this world for the rest of us. Their thirst for power and control knows no boundaries! They keep us ignorant and deceive us with an illusionary world. They distract us from realizing what is truly going on. They bombard us through their controlled media with products and suggestions that make us focus almost entirely on attaining these goods and false lifestyle. They program us through the media to believe that material pursuits must be our primary objective in life. They convince us that looking out just for ourselves and loved ones in a material, selfish way, is our primary mission. They poison our minds and soul while taking away our dignity with unfair practices and policies in all areas essential to our well-being. They dictate what we should strive for, what we should think, believe, eat, wear, drive, listen to, etc. They manipulate our heart and mind with fear when they realize that many are waking up from the stupor they have had us in from almost the beginning of our lives. They educate our children not to be self-sufficient, creative, critical thinkers, and achievers but to develop a “pay-check” mentality and believe that working for their “great” corporations and – within their limits – is their only hope for survival and success. They persecute free thinkers. They have enslaved us to fulfill their own selfish needs, wants, and agenda with deceptive “values” and proclamations.

If you think that you are free, think again when you drive to your workplace to spend almost half of your day away from your children, spouse, or enjoyable pursuits so you can take home a fraction, a miserable fraction, of what you put in your employer’s pocket. If you think you are free, think again when you are trying to figure out how to make your mortgage or rent payment on time, keep your utilities on, put decent food on the table for your family, send your kids to college. If you think you are free, think again when you have to sacrifice your intellectual or favorite pursuits to ensure that you bring enough money home to meet the family’s needs. If you think that you are free, think again when an employer fires you for no reason or budget cutbacks without giving you enough notice to find new employment first. Yet, you have to give your employer at least a 30-day notice to hire your replacement!

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A Path To Peace

The root of discord and violence between people and nations comes from our tendency to forget our humanity. We “forget” our true nature.

In my opinion, violence is a “learned” behavior. We “learn” it from our environment. When we are born, we do not possess the tendency to violence. As we grow, we become driven by “reactions”. Our reactions are influenced by what we witness in our environment. We “copy” what we see. Therefore, violence and hatred are not natural to our essence.

As we grow older, we “buy” into the deception. We come to believe that violence is “OK” when “justified”. It is “OK” to kill for our beliefs or to defend our “territory.” We have learned to “possess.” We “live to possess”. We like to possess things, people, land, animals, anything tangible and intangible. The more we own, the more powerful over others we feel. Our society or community reinforces this “tendency”. Our worth is largely “measured” by the amount of our possessions. We feel validated. Thus, around the world we find ourselves fighting, killing each other “defending” what we “have”: our nationalism, religion, territory, and ideologies. We become slaves of our deception and desires. In the process, we lose ourselves, our humanity. We sacrifice our soul for lies! (How much better off we would be if we were to place as much zest pursuing wisdom, our self-growth, or spiritual evolution as we place chasing our illusions and enhancing our bodies!)

Thus, driven by our illusions, we forget that those we attack blindly (other human beings of all ages) in the name of “a cause, belief or ideology” are as real as we are. They bleed, they grieve, and they have potential and dreams just like us. In sum, in many ways, they are extensions of our “selves” with their own uniqueness and role to play in this world. We deceive ourselves into thinking of them as our “enemy”, faceless, without history and soul, different from us. We label them, “Jews”, “Palestinians”, “Blacks”, “Whites”, “Muslims”, “Christians”, “Infidels” and so on.

Some of the stupidity of it all is that we condemn one another mostly for traits beyond the individual’s control. We choose to ignore that we are born into a specific religion, ethnicity, country, race, gender, social or economic status! I am white only because I was born into the white race. Or, I am black because I was born into the black race. The same goes for my gender, national origin, and even religion! (Although, the latter has become an “optional” trait. It is another “power-driven” concept). However, before we are any of the above, we are human beings. Take away all of the above. What do you have? Human beings! That is what each and every one of us is first and foremost. That is the truth! Everything else is an illusion, a lie! What would happen if we were to eliminate the labels and see each other for what we really are: people?

Many times, we let our daily “preoccupations” take over the rhythm of our life. We lose touch with what is truly important in our existence. We buy into all the negative messages that we receive from various news media and other people we come across in our daily routine. We disconnect at some level from our loved ones, from our environment, from our spiritual being. These are low frequency energies that rob us of our chance to reach a greater understanding of ourselves, each other, our lives, and the wonderful planet we inhabit.

These low frequency messages that we absorb through our daily interactions, the news, and others overwhelm us and are responsible for “feeling worn out” inside most of the time. We seek relief in man-made external devices and forms of entertainment that might numb our senses for a while. Over 99% of the time, as a consequence of the infiltration of these low level negative energies in our mind,  most people find it difficult to escape having negative thoughts about themselves, others, their environment, and their life. We generally live and operate at low frequency levels.

Our levels of consciousness and understanding are determined by the frequencies that we allow ourselves, our mind to tune into. It is pretty much like a radio: different frequencies take us to different stations.

To raise our awareness and connect to higher intelligence, we must raise our mind’s frequencies. We must purify our thoughts and let go of all the prejudices, myths, and contamination that we are bombarded with in our daily lives at lower frequencies. If we wish to be in harmony with our creator, we must let go of all negative thoughts and emotions, surround ourselves with the beauty of His creation and creatures, open our mind to all wonderful possibilities, let go of our ego and humble ourselves.

It is in this connection with our creator and His creation where we find supreme peace and heighten our senses and understanding of life, each other, and this most wonderful planet.

So, take the time every day to relax your mind and soul, to enjoy the creatures that cohabit with us on this wonderful planet, feel their essence, their vibrations, connect with the world and one another at a higher level.  Let go of your TV, newspaper, and radio. Listen to relaxing melodies while laying down or whatever posture is your favorite. Close your eyes and let the music embrace you. Think of nothing. Just let your soul guide you. Afterwards, you will feel revitalized and with a broader perception to face the rest of your day.


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