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Cosmic Discernment

Cosmic Inspiration

Ever since childhood, I have had “intuitive” knowledge regarding some mysteries of the universe and life. I guess, I was born an “old soul”. It has taken me most of my adult life to find the desire and “courage” to share this aspect of myself with others. However, the time has come for me to join my voice to the many voices that have risen in the past few years trying to help others wake up to the reality of universal consciousness and our true nature.

This is not an easy task for me and, I am sure, everyone else who is “out there” sharing their insights, intuition, knowledge, and conclusions regarding such profound and complex topics. Their courage and determination have given me the same to join them. Life has provided me with many unusual experiences and, I have come to learn that life experiences and their lessons are meant to be shared with others and not kept stored in a forgotten treasure box. It is through experience, thoughts, and observations that we learn to live and make choices that alter not only the course of our lives but that of those who cross our path intimately. This understanding became clearer to me as I realized that we are all part of the Whole and, as such we are all united. What we experience is not unique to us, others might experience the same in different environments and with different players. However, the essence of the experience and, perhaps, the impact on those experiencing them might be the same depending on our level of understanding.

We tend to look at our lives and the world from a very narrow perspective, a micro angle. It is only when we widen our lens that we can begin to realize the bigger picture that our life is a part of. To widen our lens, we need to achieve a higher consciousness and a broader perspective on life. We need to look at situations and others with a wide angle lens, not a narrow one. It is then when we begin to realize that we are all connected, that everything on this earth and the universe is connected.

Some of you might think that the content on this blog is akin to “New Age”. Fortunately, quantum physics has come along and has begun to discover, through their scientific methods and thinking, what the ancients, the shamans, the natives, and the mystics have known since the beginning of civilization. “New Age” is indeed not “new”. However, it might be “new” for our western mentality. Perhaps, that is the reason why science has taken longer to arrive to the same truth and conclusions (and is still in its infancy) but, the important thing is that it has begun to understand. Most modern scientists have gathered the courage to begin to explore and consider other possibilities outside of the known theories and parameters. Recent discoveries of singularities – where the known laws of physics go out the window – and of new atomic particles, including the “God Particle” and the way they behave, have helped those scientists begin to understand that not everything is what it seems. Through their awakening, they might help others (who are still “hooked” on old scientific methods and narrow theories) to broaden their own perspective and understanding. It only takes one light to brighten a dark space.

Nevertheless, let me make it clear, I do not consider myself or this blog a “New Age” advocate. I have a thirst for knowledge, a very inquisitive mind, and the curiosity of cats. I am a “ponderer” and have been so all my life. I am a seeker of truth even when it might mean that I have to discard my old ideas and beliefs. I look at new concepts with a healthy skepticism. However, I allow myself to explore the possibilities and apply the scientific method whenever possible to formulate my own conclusions. Truth resonates with the innermost part of your self, you feel its vibrations, you know it. There is no denying it and you can only embrace it when you face it. It’s the most liberating feeling one can ever experience. Then, it’s when you know that you have found it. You know it from your spiritual self first, then your mind catches up. Everything else that does not cause you that ecstasy or leaves you confused and doubtful might be either partially true or mere deception.

Therefore, this blog is about my own journey as well as that of many others. However, most importantly, it is about inviting you to explore and consider all the possibilities, analyze, meditate, corroborate or disprove, and arrive at your own conclusions. Dare to question, dare to let your imagination flow and to sense beyond your physical senses. Discover! It’s an invitation to open your mind and to dare go to frontiers that you might have never considered or thought possible. Enjoy the ride!

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