Seeking Truth Through Discernment And Wisdom Of The Ages

I am an animal lover. I have always had a spiritual bond with animals. Perhaps, that’s the reason I’ve never been harmed by any, even some dangerous ones I’ve encountered in my journey. Animals just come into my life and settle.

Therefore, lately, I have been feeling rather guilty about eating meat. I was raised a meat eater and never gave much thought to it. I bought into the mentality that animals, at least some, were here for us to use and enjoy in our tummy.

However, a year ago, I became an animal’s welfare and rights advocate. Although my advocacy centered mostly on trying to prevent the murder of healthy and adoptable homeless pets at local pounds, their plight opened my eyes and heart to that of many other animals that we tend to take for granted and disrespect. Moreover, my deep love for animals began to make me feel guilty about enjoying a piece of chicken or a steak. I began to debate the options.

I found out that most vegans and some vegetarians refuse to eat meat mostly because they don’t want to kill anything alive for their nourishment, especially animals. However, my mind jumped to the fact that vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are also living beings. They were alive before they were harvested from their source. Therefore, by eating them, we are still killing to sustain our bodies. So, what’s the answer? I thought.

Through some pondering, I came to the conclusion that to fulfill the purpose, the only thing that we, animals lovers, should eat would be dairy products. However, when discussing it with my son, he made a good point: What about the microorganisms that live in dairy products? Bummer!  I had thought I had found the answer to my dilemma!

Consequently, no matter how I look at it, the only way I can avoid killing anything to nourish my body is by not eating at all. But then, my body would surely die! I resigned myself to just enjoy the food and thank each of those I eat for their sacrifice and the nourishment they provide to my body. Since I cannot stop eating, the least I can do is to thank and honor what I eat and keep advocating against the unnecessary extermination of those we don’t need to eat.


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