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Are You Truly Free?

The arrogance and greed of those in powerful positions, not just political ones, is what has ruined this world for the rest of us. Their thirst for power and control knows no boundaries! They keep us ignorant and deceive us with an illusionary world. They distract us from realizing what is truly going on. They bombard us through their controlled media with products and suggestions that make us focus almost entirely on attaining these goods and false lifestyle. They program us through the media to believe that material pursuits must be our primary objective in life. They convince us that looking out just for ourselves and loved ones in a material, selfish way, is our primary mission. They poison our minds and soul while taking away our dignity with unfair practices and policies in all areas essential to our well-being. They dictate what we should strive for, what we should think, believe, eat, wear, drive, listen to, etc. They manipulate our heart and mind with fear when they realize that many are waking up from the stupor they have had us in from almost the beginning of our lives. They educate our children not to be self-sufficient, creative, critical thinkers, and achievers but to develop a “pay-check” mentality and believe that working for their “great” corporations and – within their limits – is their only hope for survival and success. They persecute free thinkers. They have enslaved us to fulfill their own selfish needs, wants, and agenda with deceptive “values” and proclamations.

If you think that you are free, think again when you drive to your workplace to spend almost half of your day away from your children, spouse, or enjoyable pursuits so you can take home a fraction, a miserable fraction, of what you put in your employer’s pocket. If you think you are free, think again when you are trying to figure out how to make your mortgage or rent payment on time, keep your utilities on, put decent food on the table for your family, send your kids to college. If you think you are free, think again when you have to sacrifice your intellectual or favorite pursuits to ensure that you bring enough money home to meet the family’s needs. If you think that you are free, think again when an employer fires you for no reason or budget cutbacks without giving you enough notice to find new employment first. Yet, you have to give your employer at least a 30-day notice to hire your replacement!

Even if you belong to some level of the elite, you are still not free. Unless you are at the top, you are working for someone, being dictated upon by someone, serving someone’s interests at the expense of your own and of the many. 

If you are at the top, you are still a slave. You are a slave to your own greed, thirst for power and control, and inequities. You are a slave to your lack of morals, lack of compassion, lack of spiritual values, and your huge conceit and selfishness. 

We need to wake up from this illusion and begin to work for a better world where no one would be a slave to another in any way, shape or form. A world where all life will be held sacred. A world where we will honor our Creator first and foremost by living and giving the best quality of life we are capable of without greed, self-centered pursuits, war, and ideologies that promote the killing of innocent human beings and animals as solution to problems that can be addressed in truly loving and compassionate ways. 

We need to provide a world to our children where they will thrive as individuals and as members of their human community without exploiting others to achieve their goals and dreams. A world of collaboration and mutual respect. A world where our children will be able to truly be free to follow their heart and meet their destiny. A world where they will not be condemned for their ideas, philosophy, status, and beliefs. A world where they will be able to see the similarities and equalities we all share as human beings and not focus on perceived, man-made differences. A world where hatred, wars, persecution, deceit, manipulations, bigotry, and other immoral “values” will no longer be part of their reality. 

I believe in a world where all religions come together to honor our Creator without competing against each other, without using fear to control the masses and impose their ways. A world where religions serve as a unifying force, not a dividing one. Don’t most major religions serve the same Creator? I believe in a world where religions do not use the Creator as a commodity to finance their goals. I believe in a world where religions show the people that God provides. I believe in a world where religions teach our children about a loving, compassionate, merciful, caring God and do not force adherence by also depicting God as a vain, vengeful, incompassionate, unmerciful, punishing, conceited, self-centered, narcissistic God. God is not both. He is either all good or all bad. God is not a dual entity where one side of Him is God, all mighty and merciful, and the other side is Satan. Those who promote God as such are failing God and the people they were entrusted to guide. God is pure, unconditional LOVE. Therefore, He cannot be hateful and vindictive as well. Stop the defamation of His character and stop using HIM to forward your own human, self-serving agendas!

Those afraid of changes in the status quo oppose these changes because such changes would take away the power and control they have over others. They oppose creating this new world of unity, harmony, compassion, and true prosperity for all. They call it “Utopia”. No, it’s not a “utopia”. It is doable provided that humanity wakes up (as many have already) and direct their focus to creating such a world. It is doable if we do not just limit our focus to our own needs and wants but also keep in mind the needs and wants of others who share this world with us. It is doable if we demand that children stop dying of starvation in Africa and other countries by providing the needed tools and resources to their parents to be able to achieve sustainable solutions to feed their children. I do not believe in helping just one child. That is not the solution. I believe the solution lies in helping families to achieve economic security and have access to resources and opportunities that are now mostly reserved for the elite and upper middle classes. 

I have no political affiliation. As it stands now, I don’t trust any politician. I believe that they are all corrupted, at least most of them are. I believe that all politics are corrupted. It is hard to discern who is worthy of my trust. I don’t trust corporations and most institutions because I believe they are at the root of the maladies affecting our world’s societies. They are the ones who exploit, manipulate, and only look after their own interest while creating campaigns of deception to keep the public at bay and blind. 

I believe in spreading love, compassion, understanding, mercy, and justice for all. However, that does not mean that I can just stand by the sidelines while I watch the darkness in this world take over the soul of many who are still under its spell. When we stand by the sidelines and do nothing in the face of evil, evil wins. Evil feeds on fear to keep control over the people. Fear has always been the preferred tactic used by dictatorships and other less obviously tyrannical forms of power. Fear keeps those who would fight this evil paralyzed, complaisant, quiet, and apathetic. Fear keeps them under the spell of evil and believing in the lies and illusions evil creates for them. Fear makes them be the participants in their own destruction.

It is not important if you agree with me entirely or not. But if any portion of what I’ve said resonates with you, I urge to wake up, smell the coffee, and start boycotting all of those institutions enslaving humanity and speaking out against these evils. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your children and their children. Our true legacy to them is the world we leave behind for them. Everything else (money, properties, etc) is ephemeral. I want my child and his children to live and thrive in a truly free world. I don’t want them to live in fear. I don’t want them to be robbed of their right to free speech, to use their mind, to choose their own destiny without fear of reprisal. I want my child and his children to live in a world where everyone’s life is precious, where societies uphold the highest values without manipulation of their minds. I want my child and his children to love and honor God not because they fear Him but because they are grateful to HIM as our Creator and for the wonderful planet, filled with blessings, that we inhabit. I want the energy and force of LOVE to drive this world, not greed. Greed encompasses all the negative energies controlling the world today. Greed in all its forms, not just greed for money but also greed for power and control over others. I want GREED to be eradicated from this world, now!

How do we accomplish such a mission? 

By standing up to abuses against not just ourselves but everyone and everything, including other species. By not making money our main goal in life. By focusing on our spiritual development. By creating sustainable solutions for all without a price tag that makes them inaccessible to most. By not keeping on feeding our hard earn money to financial institutions that only look after their own interests, slam us with unfair fees, and show no compassion for us in our time of need. They do not give us a bail-out. They squeeze the living breath out of us to fill their greedy pockets. By demanding transparency and participation through referendums in governmental decisions that deeply affect our well-being and future, including foreign policies that do not only affect our own and our children’s lives but millions of lives in other countries. We are all human beings. We all bleed the same, shed the same tears, feel the same pain, share the same dreams and goals. The “American” dream does not belong to just the American people, it belongs to everyone in the world. They all have the same dream, the same hope. When we die, our remains end up in bones or dust regardless of our national origin and beliefs. We all die the same way regardless of the cause. Focusing on our differences has been one of the greatest tools of evil to keep us distracted from what we should really be focusing on: evil deeds and crimes against our humanity. 

It is imperative for everyone who still holds some reverence for life in all its forms, including human life, to spread their light across this world – through the Internet – brighter than ever before. I am appalled to see how many dark souls are lurking around YouTube and other media spreading hatred and evil ideas such as killing off half of the world population as an effective method for population control, racial bigotry, and greed in all their forms, among other negative ideas! 

Wake up! Break the chains! Take control of your life together with others, not despite each other. You, me, and others sharing our goals for this wonderful world are the only ones that can truly produce the changes needed, not by violence (violence only begets more violence) but by practical and decisive action, by taking back our freedom to make our own choices and by the choices we make. United we can turn this world into our heaven. United we can take back our true freedom, minds, and independence! 

I just came across this movie on YouTube that provides scientific and formal research corroborating this article. I highly recommend that you watch it, assess the evidence provided, use your discernment to achieve your own conclusions and make the right choice for you, your loved ones, and this wonderful planet.


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