Seeking Truth Through Discernment And Wisdom Of The Ages

Many times, we let our daily “preoccupations” take over the rhythm of our life. We lose touch with what is truly important in our existence. We buy into all the negative messages that we receive from various news media and other people we come across in our daily routine. We disconnect at some level from our loved ones, from our environment, from our spiritual being. These are low frequency energies that rob us of our chance to reach a greater understanding of ourselves, each other, our lives, and the wonderful planet we inhabit.

These low frequency messages that we absorb through our daily interactions, the news, and others overwhelm us and are responsible for “feeling worn out” inside most of the time. We seek relief in man-made external devices and forms of entertainment that might numb our senses for a while. Over 99% of the time, as a consequence of the infiltration of these low level negative energies in our mind,  most people find it difficult to escape having negative thoughts about themselves, others, their environment, and their life. We generally live and operate at low frequency levels.

Our levels of consciousness and understanding are determined by the frequencies that we allow ourselves, our mind to tune into. It is pretty much like a radio: different frequencies take us to different stations.

To raise our awareness and connect to higher intelligence, we must raise our mind’s frequencies. We must purify our thoughts and let go of all the prejudices, myths, and contamination that we are bombarded with in our daily lives at lower frequencies. If we wish to be in harmony with our creator, we must let go of all negative thoughts and emotions, surround ourselves with the beauty of His creation and creatures, open our mind to all wonderful possibilities, let go of our ego and humble ourselves.

It is in this connection with our creator and His creation where we find supreme peace and heighten our senses and understanding of life, each other, and this most wonderful planet.

So, take the time every day to relax your mind and soul, to enjoy the creatures that cohabit with us on this wonderful planet, feel their essence, their vibrations, connect with the world and one another at a higher level.  Let go of your TV, newspaper, and radio. Listen to relaxing melodies while laying down or whatever posture is your favorite. Close your eyes and let the music embrace you. Think of nothing. Just let your soul guide you. Afterwards, you will feel revitalized and with a broader perception to face the rest of your day.


Comments on: "Heightening Our Awareness And Understanding" (2)

  1. Hey my name is Adam I’m 21 and from christchurch new Zealand. I’m glad to read your article on consciousness and unerstanding. It has made me feel like I’m not alone on this and that I’m not crazy. Words of wisdom like this go along way. Iv lernt alot about life and myself with the kind of things u speak of. You should check out “kymatica” or the ancient knowledge videos on “” if you already havent seen it. Anyways cheers. Much love

    • Thank you, Adam for your nice comment. I had not watched “Kymatica” or the ancient knowledge videos but after you so kindly provided the name and link, I watched them. I found them very interesting and thought provoking. In fact, I am trying to figure out how to embed them in this blog for others to enjoy and discern. And you are not alone, there are many who have woken up and others about to wake up in this glorious planet. Let’s all join our energies to make this world a much better world for all. Much love to you too. 🙂

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